Voice Your Potential™

Reach Your Vocal Goals

You will establish a reliable technique
You will have a more comprehensive understanding of the voice
You will confidently represent your organisation

You will have effective vocal communication

You will gain more control & avoid pain or fatigue
You will maintain your voice at the optimum level

Voice your Potential with voice coaching

How the Estill approach can help you?


The Estill Model of vocal function underpins all our training in a universal model.

Understand anatomy and physiology of the voice.

Learn to isolate anatomical structures to maximise control.

Be more powerful

Grab attention

Be more expressive

Understand your flexible and dynamic voice so you can effectively teach others.

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  • “I found Saturday very interesting and am already using one or two ideas with some of my new students... well worth the effort.”

    Nicola Jenkin ARCM,
    Tallis Scholar, BBC Singers

  • “I’m always searching for teachers who I can trust have a reliable scientific knowledge of how the voice works as they are the teachers who can really build voices – the first place I look is Estill.”

    Jeremy Powell
    Head of Musical Theatre,
    The Urdang Academy.

  • “Well, I'm delighted to say that the day was completely amazing... I was blown away by the whole experience!
    I am going to pursue both the CFP and the CMT... I'm sure it will also improve my own classical and opera singing massively too.”

    Estill for Singing Teachers – One-day workshop
    Andrew Ashwin
    Opera Singer/Singing Teacher, CFP

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